Workshops: world literature offers new, innovative strategies for the teaching of world literature and World Englishes literature. asks questions such as: What do we mean by ‘world literature’? What are the differences between ‘diaspora literature’, ‘world literature in translation’ and ‘World Englishes literature’?

Training half day and full day workshops are available to help explore what we mean by ‘World Literature’. An example full day workshop investigates how we define ‘world literatures’ and also offers teaching approaches to delivering World Englishes texts in the classroom including example resources.

“Emma’s knowledge of  World Englishes is incredible, reflected not only in the wonderful short stories that she introduces but also in her passion and genuine desire to increase everyone’s appreciation and understanding of these works. Unusually, she is able to change the pitch of her workshop ensuring that all the students remain totally engaged and stimulated. These sessions broaden (often narrow) perspectives, allow reflection on a range of cultural ideas and challenges and encourage the students to end the day with a desire to research and read more. Thank you, Emma.” Jane Jonsson, The Abbey, Reading, UK.

Workshops are well received on BEd and PGCE courses in the UK exploring curricula, I.B Diploma courses, teacher training courses in universities in Europe and with NAAE (National Association of Advisers in English) in the UK. uses creative consultation approaches in exploring world and multicultural literatures to help answer questions such as: what are some of the barriers that inhibit full engagement with world and multicultural literatures? Creative and particpatory consultation methods allow for real engagement and aim to foster a safe space in which such issues are debated.  See also the KARVAN workshops on this website.