Around The World in Wood (2021)

Around The World in Wood is a teacher resource designed for National Curriculum Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) learning in England and Wales, but in can be freely adapted to most educational settings. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the world’s trees and the cultural values associated with them. Each country-themed chapter introduces a particular tree and a related extract from a poem from that country in which the tree features. An illustration of the tree, presented in a botanical-style sketch, introduces ideas of how the natural world has historically been documented in books and archives, and many classroom activities are suggested.

“A unique collection of learning activities that could be used to expand a Forest School programme or to unite learning around the theme of trees. An accompanying PDF is filled with illustrations and links to materials to assist you to create engaging, tailored learning that reaches afar to India, Zimbabwe, Australia, Sweden, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Canada and Hungary.” Sarah Keogh, Forest School Leader, Derbyshire Environmental Studies Service.

“The book is a rich, diverse, well-informed resource that will support teachers and educational practitioners in delivering a multitude of KS1 curriculum skills that pupils will enjoy completing.” Ben Adamson, School Leader, Great Wood Community Primary School

“An excellent, well-researched resource which offers children and teachers the opportunity to explore the wider curriculum and their place in the world.” Chloe Woodhouse and James Dachtler, Assistant Headteachers, The Bemrose School.

Published by Jetstone Publishers Ltd, available to buy here

Derbyshire Forest School Day 31st October 2022

Around The World in Wood training workshop for Forest School practitioners

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As part of, I also produce ‘Story Logs’. They come as an 5, 6, 8, or 12 piece set. Each log has a striking image burnt into it which acts as a stimulus for story telling. The logs can be numbered. ‘Story Logs’ are used by teachers in school settings where the logs are arranged around the school site for pupils to craft their story. The sets can be produced as bespoke sets to fit with the school’s environment or can be themed if they are being used with a particular subject(s) or focus.

Story Logs set of five 2020

‘Story Logs’ are used by other groups too, creative writing and poetry groups, local parks, care home settings, nature trails as just some examples. Each set comes with a pamphlet of creative ideas/uses for the ‘Story Logs’. Please email to discuss your requirements or for a quote.