‘Aag’ Literary-Arts

Aag Gallery

Literary-arts creative practice with pyrography and decorative hardware

These individual pieces are worked on the cross section of the timber. My craft ‘Aag’ (Hindi – ‘fire’) is driven by concept and I develop this in equal measure by responding to the unique physical attributes each piece of wood presents – shading of heartwood and sapwood, ring formation, cracks or knots. I usually employ both text and abstract image in these pieces; this mode of working aims to respond to the grounding concept of the work.

The Aag pieces are inherently tactile and sensory due to the burning into the wood as well as the various decorative hardware I use alongside. Below are some pieces which are part of a series called ‘Making Worlds’.

Anthropocene II
300 year-old Beech from the Staffordshire Moorlands, felled due to disease. 

Story Logs’ – creative storytelling practice and the natural world

In addition to the unique, often commissioned pieces displayed above, I also produce ‘Story Logs’. They come as an 5, 6, 8, or 12 piece set. Each log has a striking or strong image burnt into it which acts as a stimulus for story telling. The logs can be numbered. ‘Story Logs’ are used by teachers in school settings where the logs are arranged around the school site for pupils to craft their story. The sets can be produced as bespoke sets to fit with the school’s environment or can be themed if they are being used with a particular subject(s) or focus.

Story Logs set of five 2020

‘Story Logs’ are used by other groups too, creative writing and poetry groups, local parks, care home settings, nature trails as just some examples. Each set comes with a pamphlet of creative ideas/uses for the ‘Story Logs’. Please email worldlits@gmail.com to discuss your requirements or for a quote.Autumn Wreath design on damson tree trunkPearl Star Raven

From November 2020 to April 2021, I am in receipt of an Arts Council Project Grant for my literary-arts Aag project called ‘And The World Changed’ (project website appearing in early 2021).