KARVAN: ‘together we travel’ the creative concept

KARVAN: ‘together we travel’

Contemporary world events threaten our journey of ‘travelling together’ drawing lines of difference between cultures, practices  and beliefs. Forced migration from war-torn countries, radicalisation and the lure of Islamic State, ‘free speech’ and European identity/ies, sweatshop goods and fair trade mandates; all these troubling topics and difficult debates surround our supposed ‘globalised’ lives. Indeed, it is these very topics and debates that touch and impact the lives – directly and indirectly – of the travellers that enter the KARVAN. In order to embrace such topics, engage in such debate and explore ‘difference’, the KARVAN anchors itself in the experience of the caravanserai travelling along the erstwhile Silk Route. In an echo of this ancient journey the KARVAN only asks that you have a desire to travel off the beaten track, to follow a compass which may never settle for long in a single direction and be ready to question – everything.

The KARVAN is anchored in the notion of ‘travelling together’. As a creative space, it is inspired by the idea of the caravanserai and advocates multicultural encounters as a normal and established motif of human evolution. The KARVAN, in response to the most recent refugee and migration crisis is committed to its core value: KARVAN: ‘together we travel’.


Wall artwork by Arnab. Image by KARVAN, Mumbai, 2016.

The KARVAN warmly welcomes all. The KARVAN is brought alive by people’s languages, cultures, literary and visual mores. It celebrates difference, embraces the challenge of finding new ways to ‘travel together’ and the KARVAN remains hopeful in spite of the widespread narratives of difference and exclusion.

Welcome to the KARVAN: ‘together we travel’