Consultancy: multiculturalism and arts

Emma offers a range of activity around world cultures, multiculturalism and arts, whether it be through the KARVAN, World Literature workshops or bespoke consultancy packages for clients.

Please contact Emma to discuss your particular requirements.

Digi-languages, Cardiff University (2017) 

‘Emma’s contribution to our digital languages platform has been transformative. Her creativity and thought-provoking development of online materials for younger learners has enriched our work. Emma has been able to ‘think outside the box’ in ways to promote learner curiosity and to connect languages with art and design and performance and practice. When launched in 2018, the digi-languages platform will be substantially informed by her inventiveness, imagination and educational expertise.’ Claire Gorrara, Professor of French Studies, School of Modern Languages


Reading The World, Keele University (2011-12)

‘Emma was an integral part of the Reading The World team, which won 2 grants to set up teaching materials in order to introduce literary geographies to first year geographers. This is a very valuable set of skills for geographers, and to facilitate their learning without no pre-requisites, podcasts were custom made for this module. Emma took the lead in interviewing 6 international celebrity authors and having these converted into podcasts which were then embedded into the syllabus. The podcasts are used as springboards for research design, for creating assignments such as blogs, wiki pages, posters, etc. The use of such innovative materials has been praised by externals examiners and evaluated extremely positively by the students, year on year.’  Lisa Lau, Lecturer School of Geography, Geology and the Environment

Emma’s publications on pedagogy


‘Emotion Tracking Pedagogy: towards better teaching of the national curriculum for English’, in G.Watson (ed) The State Of Stylistics, PALA papers 5, Amsterdam: Rodopi.

‘Reading Around The Globe’ Classroom NATE June.

Read Around (Nottingham: Critical, Cultural and Communications Press) (A five volume edition of World Englishes literature and teaching materials).


‘Outside The Inner Circle’ English, Drama, Media NATE October (9): 30-34.

‘Read Yourself Around The Globe: ‘The ‘Rough Guide’ to World Englishes Literature’, Anglofiles: Journal of English Teaching May (144): 52-57.

‘Teaching Kenya to England: An Overview of a New Pedagogy for the Teaching of World Englishes Literature’ Folio: Journal of the Materials Development Association 11 (2): 17-19.

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