KARVAN: The ‘Lit Trip Advisor’


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The Lit Trip Advisor: travelling the world through fiction and poetry….

Literature has the power to take its readers to other worlds, people and cultures. World literature is especially powerful in offering its readers new social, cultural and geographical encounters. The Lit Trip Advisor welcomes you into a world of many different literary adventures. Step inside and start your journey.

Do you fancy a quiet break in the tropics? Or a spiritual journey through the Himalayas? Why not work in a stopover city break in Cairo? Or for those of you looking for an adventure holiday – a trek through the jungle?

The Lit Trip Advisor helps find the perfect ‘Lit Trip’ for you, your friends or your family. Travel alone or in a group, you will all leave the advisor with a personalised ‘Lit Trip’ itinerary – inspirational reads to take you to places yet undiscovered!

What people say about The Lit Trip Advisor

Thank you for the Sunday afternoon journey! It was beautiful and unexpected… just like travel should be.

I went to Cairo and it was really fun.

Really interesting, a lovely idea and a great way to discover new books from around the world.

Taken to South Africa and stepped out of the van to find myself in London. Lovely.

Booking The Lit Trip Advisor

Are you looking for something different for your arts event or festival?

The Lit Trip Advisor offers a participatory arts experience, promoting reading, multiculturalism and above all curiosity!

from the Persian – karvan –
‘a group of people travelling together’

karvan_001The Lit Trip Advisor brings its travel agency emporium to your event, a space for discovery, conversation and reflection.

The Lit Trip Advisor complements any arts-cultural event from festivals to street art, training programmes, library to school events. Creative arts for health, well-being, empowerment, literacy development and multiculturalism, for children and adults; the Lit Trip Advisor taps into that which we all share – curiosity!

Get in touch with Emma using the contact form for questions, queries or to book the Lit Trip Advisor for your own bespoke event.


The Lit Trip Advisor holds DBS (disclosure), public liability insurance, is Learning and Teaching qualified (MA & FHEA) as well as: TEFL, Adv TEFL, BSc, MA (English Studies), PhD (English Studies).