The ‘Read Around’ Series

Read Around edited by Dr Emma Dawson (5 workbooks plus Teacher’s Notes and 3 Multimedia CDs)

Read Around has been specially designed for the secondary school classroom, and is closely correlated with the requirements of the National Curriculum in English, Key Stages 3 and 4. The texts presented in the Read Around series are taken from all around the world. All 5 workbooks promote engagement with the chosen texts through a method known as ’emotion tracking pedagogy’. Read Around 1 explores a short story from India, introducing the literary device of ‘imagery’. Read Around 2 presents a short story from Kenya, exploring ‘onomatopoeia’ and ‘alliteration’. Read Around 3 offers a short story from South Africa, and focuses on ‘metaphor’ and ‘simile’. Read Around 4 centres on a short story of South African-Indian origin. This Read Around extends the notion of ‘metaphor’ presented in Read Around 3, demanding more of the learner to play with language independently. Read Around 5 explores a short story from Malaysia, introducing the literary device of ‘point of view’.

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On the use of Read Around in the classroom, Rory says:

Using Read Around was not just useful as a tool for introducing different cultures literature. Read Around was excellent in enabling students to empathise with characters from cultures they had no previous knowledge of; the Read Around series also lends itself extremely well to the latest frameworks in both reading and writing APP assessment.
Rory McQueen
Blurton High School, Stoke-on-Trent