KARVAN: ‘Around The World in 8 Objects’

Around The World In 8 Objects welcomes you into a world of discovery and adventure within the creative space of the KARVAN.


By looking at 8 objects through different subject areas you will learn about the world, its people, traditions and cultures. Perfect for children and adults too, Around The World In 8 Objects uses commonly found items from a variety of societies as well as items which are culture specific. Typically, the workshop involves touching, seeing, hearing the various items in their cultural and social contexts with the option of making and crafting alongside.

Explore world fabrics through languages, arts, science and geography.

Holding a beautifully crafted statue in your hand, discover the supreme and cosmic Lord Shiva through art, music and science.

Explore Arabic and Persian calligraphy through history, literature and architecture or

celebrate the world’s great rivers through music, science and geography.


Booking Around The World In 8 Objects

Are you looking for something different for your school, library or festival?

Around The World In 8 Objects offers a participatory arts experience, promoting reading, multiculturalism and above all, curiosity!

from the Persian – karvan –
‘a group of people travelling together’

Around The World In 8 Objects brings the KARVAN to your event, a space for discovery, conversation and exploration.


Get in touch using the contact form for questions, queries or to book Around The World In 8 Objects for your own bespoke event.

The Around The World In 8 Objects facilitator holds DBS (disclosure), public liability insurance, is Learning and Teaching qualified (MA & FHEA) as well as: TEFL, Adv TEFL, BSc, MA (English Studies), PhD (English Studies).